Avalon Stables



Whether your horse is a pet or performance horse, its care and safety are our main priorities when helping you to design a stable to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on our innovation and our dedication to your horse’s safety and have developed numerous, unique safety features, many of which are included as standard in every Avalon stable.

The cost of treating an injured horse can run into thousands of dollars, in an effort to minimse the risk of injury to your horse, every aspect of our stable design and construction is focussed on minimalising the potential risk of injury. All exposed surfaces including locks, rug and feed rails, feeders, doors and any possible injury point are specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury.

As with all of our buildings, every Avalon stable is engineer approved. Avalon will also take care of and obtain all relevant applications, building permits and approvals on your behalf. We can also assist you with preparing and lodging land\management plans.

Materials & Construction

All Avalon's stables and sheds are made from a quality all galvanised steel framework and are engineer designed for strength and durability. As the fabrication work is done at our Midvale factory, one off designs are not a problem. You can have a choice of doors and wall configurations including a variety of colours as well as a large range of designs to incorporate offices, feed and tack rooms etc. Our expertise in steel fabrication and design means that we can produce a building for any purpose, from a simple patio to large rural and industrial sheds.